Welcome to The Little Chimp Society Come and join in the fun!

Introduction: The LCS is all about connecting people! We want to show the world what illustrators and artists can really do. Our mission is to find the most brilliant and amazing illustrators out there and publish their work in one form or another for all to see.

The LCS was founded in 2005 by Darren Di Lieto as a way to keep up with all of the amazing illustrators, artists and friends he followed.

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Mail Me Art is an international mail art project brought to you by the LCS. It’s now in it’s eighth year and fourth time round. The last Mail Me Art was called Short & Sweet and we’re currently work on launching our fifth incarnation which is going to be called Apocalypse. Why don’t you join in the fun and send us your mail art?

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Little Chimp Hosting was created to eradicate the long drawn out process of finding the best hosting package. You pay one regular fee with no hidden charges and all you need to worry about is picking a domain name, giving you the time to concentrate on building your site and doing what you do best.

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Little Chimp Shop is our online outlet for all of the physical items and books we produce. We like to keep our efforts in-house at the LCS and what better way to keep connected with our customers than to pack and ship our beloved products directly from us to you.

The Little Chimp Awards is a celebration of everything that’s fantastic about being an illustrator. We’ve been admiring the wonderful work produced by the illustrators and artists who cross our path via the numerous ventures and art projects we run for years. So, the Little Chimp Awards were created to show how much we appreciate the effort and time the people put into their work and careers along with Little Chimp projects.

Secret Self is the Little Chimp’s first foray into small art zines. Each zine is a revealing collection of portraits and secrets from an international group of artists and designers. Each participant was asked to share something they had never shared with the public before and to create an accompanying illustration. While some are serious and others are silly, all of the secrets give you an insight into the psyches of the artists.

Showcase 100 was a juried exhibition and publication of 100 illustrations from some of the best professional illustrators working in the industry today. The project strived to showcase a wide variety of artworks that represent the trends and quirks of the creative market during the year leading up to the exhibition.