The Little Chimp Award: Celebrating everything that’s fantastic about illustration

2015 Little Chimp Award Winner

Selfie660Mark Hammermeister is an award winning illustrator and designer from the Detroit area. His primary focus is on digital painting, primarily humorous illustration, caricatures and fantasy art. His clients include The New York Observer, Playboy, LucasFilm, Mother Jones, Topps, Red Bull, Bungie, Seattle Met, Leader’s Edge, HorrorHound Magazine, ImagineFX, The Nashville City Paper and HOW Design. Awards include the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Creative Quarterly and 3X3.

2015 Chimp Coin Winners

Violet Lemay –
Brian Allen –
Michael Hacker –
Paul Shipper –
Marc Scheff –

lc-award2The Little Chimp Award is about everything that’s fantastic about being an illustrator and that’s what we want to celebrate. We’re only going to give one Little Chimp Award away per year and there will be no competition to enter.

lc-award3My name is Darren Di Lieto and I started The Little Chimp Society in 2006 and since then I’ve been admiring the wonderful work produced by the illustrators and artists who cross my path via the numerous ventures and art projects I run. I created the Little Chimp Award to show how much I appreciate the effort and time the people I interactive with day-in, day-out put into their work and careers. Just telling them how cool what they do is just didn’t seem to be enough, so I’ll be giving one of these fancy little statuettes to a deserving recipient as a thank you for being really good at what they do and making my life that little bit more interesting.