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LCS INTERVIEW :: Robert Hardgrave 2

LCS INTERVIEW :: Robert Hardgrave

rh Introduction Robert Hardgrave has inhabited the city of Seattle, WA for the past 15 years. He adores coffee, delicious breakfasts, and listening to metal. He spends his days, adorned with headphones, drawing...

Charles Hively Interview 2

Charles Hively Interview

Please introduce yourself and what you do in no more than four sentences… I am the publisher and design director of 3×3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration as well as the publisher and design...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Luke Feldman 5

LCS INTERVIEW :: Luke Feldman

lf What would you do if you could never go near a computer again without it exploding because you had built up a static charge comparable with the national grid as result of...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Serge Seidlitz 1

LCS INTERVIEW :: Serge Seidlitz

ses Your recent animation for MTV looks fantastic! Can you tell me a bit more about it? Thanks. That was a fun project to work on. I was contacted by a producer who...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Colin Johnson 1

LCS INTERVIEW :: Colin Johnson

cj Do you consider yourself to have a defined style? Styles plural may be a better way of describing what I do these days. I think that I tend to combine a number...



jl How influential was Bob Dob in regards to your work when you were under his instruction? Bob was an amazing instructor. Before he became a teacher of mine, I was working in...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Luc Latulippe 3

LCS INTERVIEW :: Luc Latulippe

ll Who gets to share your bed and who gets to lick your toes, Una or Doug? Doug’s the man who shares my bed and makes me the happiest boy on the planet,...



tado Introduction TADO is Mike and Katie, two hard working, tired-eyed, happy folk living and working together in Sheffield, UK. TADO began in 2001 whilst the pair were still at university, after graduating...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Jeff Miracola 2

LCS INTERVIEW :: Jeff Miracola

jm In your opinion which medium do you consider is the easiest and which is the toughest to work in and why? Working digitally is by far the toughest for me. I’ve made...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Joe Bluhm 2


job Introduction Joe Bluhm was born and raised in Laceyville, Pennsylvania. After attending the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) he spent four years professionally drawing live caricatures all over the country. Joe...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Tyson Mangelsdorf 2

LCS INTERVIEW :: Tyson Mangelsdorf

tm Introduction Allow myself to introduce… myself. My name is Tyson and I’ve been painting and drawing all my life, but started making a living at it back in 1991. My dad...

LCS INTERVIEW :: Tony Weinstock 4

LCS INTERVIEW :: Tony Weinstock

tw Introduction Tony Weinstock is an illustrator living in northern California and has worked on comic books, feature films, and casual games.

LCS INTERVIEW :: Tommy Kane 3


tk Hey Tommy thanks for doing this interview! To start of with I would like to know how you have survived in the advertising industry over the last 25+ year and how much...