State of the Art Hosting with the Little Chimp Society

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  • Only £30 ($50) per year for hosting and a domain name.
  • Or £20 ($35) if you already own the domain name.

LCS Hosting Elephant

The aim of LCS Hosting is to give creative types the freedom to have a state of the art hosting package without worrying about having to fork out on high cost hosting because your site is content heavy or you get too many visitors. The LCS puts no limits on bandwidth or webspace and you can have as many email addresses, databases and newsletters as you want. You can also help yourself to an unlimited number of sub-domains and have access to a large number of easy to install scripts including WordPress, phpBB forum and OS commerce to mention just a few.

LCS Hosting was created to eradicate the long drawn out process of finding the best hosting package. You pay one regular fee with no hidden charges and all you need to worry about is picking a domain name, giving you the time to concentrate on building your site and doing what you do best.