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  • Showcase 100

    Each artist who makes it to the final one hundred will need to submit an A5 300dpi digital version of their selected artwork for the show before June 16th 2014. It will be printed and framed on their behalf. An exhibition of the work will be held in London in April 2015. The exhibition will be called Showcase 100: Pencil Pushers. Before the exhibition, a website to showcase the work and project will be created. Afterwards, all of the final artwork will be included in a sticker album (subject to change) showcasing the project and published by the LCS as a catalogue of the exhibition. All of the framed prints will be for sale with the artists getting 100% of the sale, but unsold prints will not be returned.

    The final 100 will be selected by 15th May 2014. All of the submitted work will be considered and judged on its' merits by our panel of experts (to be confirmed).
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    Being a member of hire an illustrator for this LCS project is required at this point in time. If you wish to become a member click here. If you need to rejoin hai, email Darren or Jane and let us know you'd like to become a member again.
    Showcase 100 is a community group project and show, so if you'd like to help out and be more involved in the project, tick this box. Please note that we're UK based and the exhibition will be in London. We need people who can be hands on, so if you're not able to travel, don't tick this box.