Author: WWA Gallery


Lin Shi – Eight in “The Noise in the Basement” Roars into WWA Saturday, Oct. 6th!

Discover the commotion at WWA with ‘The Noise in the Basement’ featuring James “Jimbot” Demski, Dan Goodsell, JoKa, David Lozeau, Juan Muniz, Jeff T Owens, JC Rivera, and Saratoga Sake – 8 artists who...


Lin Shi – Color Ink Book’s 4th Anniversary Spectacular “We’ve Got Issues” and PRISMA Artist Collective’s “Blood

Overindulge on a cornucopia of talent as WWA Gallery presents simultaneous exhibitions jam-packed with the hottest artists today! In the main gallery, CIB’s anniversary group exhibit highlights new and original black and white works...


WWA Gallery – Fractured Fairy Tales

Talking animals and imprisoned princesses are unleashed to the world on July 7th as WWA presents FRACTURED FAIRY TALES. Amongst the oldest traditions in storytelling, dark cautionary fables were eventually reinvented and brought to...