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Seven of Ireland’s leading Illustrators – chosen for innovation, wit, style, uniqueness and exceptional talent – were asked to respond to the subject of ‘extinction’, and to contextualise their submission with a viewing cabinet...


Steve Simpson – Smorgasboard

SMORGASBOARD is a board game for foodies. The design & illustration of the board game was broken down in to 7 main areas: 1. Type Logo 2. Chef Character 3. Game Board 4. Game...


Steve Simpson – Chilly Moo packaging

Dublin agency, IDEA brought me onboard to design & illustrate this great little project for Irish start-up, Chilly Moo. Last week Chilly Moo’s frozen yogurts started hitting the shelves (freezer cabinets) nationally. Dublin mums,...


Steve Simpson – Señora Lavery

Inspired by the following extract from The Freeman’s Journal 29 May 1922 A secret alliance between South American states and the Republic of Ireland came to light yesterday. The newly formed committee for Latino...

Steve Simpson – Carnival 2

Steve Simpson – Carnival

A not very Christmassy step-by-step for an editorial piece on South American carnivals for the Hilton Hotel Magazine.

SweetTalk 34 – Dublin 0

SweetTalk 34 – Dublin

SweetTalk 34 – featuring Ros Shiers / Jonathan McHugh / Steve Simpson. Thursday, April 30th 2009 at the Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Ireland Doors @ 7pm. SweetTalk is the name...