Author: Metin Seven


Arcade dream

Arcade dream — 3D pixel / low-polygon tribute to the good old arcade game days. Available as a high-quality art print. 25 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME


Mobile Madness

A satirical depiction of modern mobile madness, available as a high-quality art print and as a 3D-printed sculpture. 12 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME


NSA Spybot presents the NSA Spybot, a blend between a satirical wink and a serious reminder to take care of your privacy. Surprise yourself, a family member, friend or colleague with this 10 cm (about...


3D smileys

In 2006 I designed a series of 3D smiley characters for an advertising agency. After publishing the smileys on I saw them hundreds of times in forums, as avatars, in blog posts, etcetera....