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Extended Play – ‘Blind Date’ 0

Extended Play – ‘Blind Date’

Hey art peeps. If you are in Melbourne town, come visit the grand opening of Extended Play @ 547 High Street, Northcote. Opening show includes all local talent: Andrea Innocent, Beastman, Benjamin Sea, Brooke...

Lwnski in Apocalypse Ahoy! 0

Lwnski in Apocalypse Ahoy!

Group show I’m in coming up on 18 April 2009, 2-4pm, this Saturday. Last ever at Brunswick Bound, site of my first solo show. All the deets can be found here. Some really cool...

Lwnski site update, now with EXTRA WIDTH 0

Lwnski site update, now with EXTRA WIDTH

Ladies & Gents, has been updated with FRESH new work, plus SIMILAR colour schemes, and NEW EXTRA WIDTH so you can see more of the same, but wider. CHEERS.