Author: Fabric Lenny


Cycle Shed Residency

This week saw my first on-site session at Dewsbury Country Park with the ‘Cycle Shed’ as part of the Tour de France related Plant-Life-Cycle project. I am one of three artists in residence commissioned...

Peatland Flux 0

Peatland Flux

This animated transformative doodlemotion outpouring, was created by Fabric Lenny for the Sexy Peat project, following a two week residency on the Island of Lewis, and a week at Highland Print Studio in Inverness....


Faunadelic Dialogues

Faunadelic Dialogues is the latest series of collaborative paintings made between American Artist Jonathan Grauel and Holmfirth (UK) based artist Fabric Lenny. Each image in this series takes an animal from the US and...

Bunny & the Beardman at Musicport 0

Bunny & the Beardman at Musicport

Live projection at Musicport Festival 2013 with Bunny & the Beardman aka Benjamin Rabe and Fabric Lenny – we clocked up over 18 hours of live drawing and animation over 3 evenings!