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The LCS has been going since 6th July 2005. It has been featured on numerous industry websites and in a number of reputable magazines over the years. While we now have a regular core audience which consists primarily of freelance illustrators, we also reach a good number of students and other creative folk. We speak English, so most of our members and visitors are from the United States, the UK and Ireland.

We like to keep the advertising on the LCS nice and simple. We have a flat fee, we don’t disclose stats*, all adverts are shown in rotation with other ads, and their placements are at our discretion. We also reserve the right to return your money and not run your advert if we really don’t think that what you’re advertising is of any interest to our members or visitors.

Large banner adverts (306px width by 90px high)
$85 USD per month per advert (4 slots)
Only 2 slots currently available (once they’re gone they’re gone!)

Mini banner adverts (138px width by 41px high)
$20 USD per month per advert (20 slots)
Only 10 slots currently available

Once you’ve decided to advertise with us and your advert has been accepted… If you submit news about your product or event and it’s published on the LCS, we may talk about it on our various social networks or blogs. Your advert will be featured on the numerous websites in the LCS network and may also be included in our regular email newsletter, subject to rotation. We run a 3 month minimum** advertising policy, with a discount if you pay for 12 months upfront. We also consider exchanges or trades for advertising space, but please keep in mind though… we’re fusspots and not easily impressed!

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*Regarding stats: We’re a high traffic site and we know from experience that stats don’t mean a thing. You need to know your own website is working and where people are coming from, but if you’re constantly chasing stats it just becomes a numbers game. It’s all about brand awareness. Not everyone who clicks is a potential customer and not every potential customer clicks. Some may note down your name or Google you before visiting your website. Others may see your advert on our site but only decide to click on it once they’ve seen it a number of times in various places. All this means is your advert on our site has worked or contributed to your success with or without a click. Simply put, lots of people visit our site and check out our content, but if all you care about is numbers go and become a mathematician.

**Regarding the 3 month minimum: We’ll make an exception if you want us to advertise a time sensitive show or event.