About The LCS

The Little Chimp Society For the Love of Illustration

Founded by: Darren Di Lieto
Created: 2005, making us a year younger than Facebook and a year older than Twitter
Editors (past and present): Darren Di Lieto, Miss Honeypot, Alex Amelines, Beach, Ben O’Brien, Jane Di┬áLieto-Danes,
Nate Williams, Dan May, Matt W Moore
LCS Publishing: Darren Di Lieto (Lead), Beach (Designer), Jane Di Lieto-Danes (Editor)
Original Chimp Logo: Von Glitschka
Location: United Kingdom (with worker bees scattered across the globe)
Website Hosted: United States

About: The LCS is all about connecting people! We want to show the world what illustrators and artists can really do. Our mission is to find the most brilliant and amazing-looking news out there and publish it for all to see. This is why the LCS has become so much more than just another illustration news portal. The LCS is ever-changing and constantly growing. We’re never going to sit still – we drink too much coffee for that!