Design like an Egyptian, Photoshop & Illustrator Tools

The Wing's Art Extended License

Inspired by Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and the treasures of ancient Egypt, this collection offers designers an array of original illustrations, icons and design templates for perfecting your own Egyptian themed projects.

The product of countless hours of research, this set highlights the rich, decorative imagery of ancient Egypt to provide you with a ready-made library of assets to use in projects such as posters, invitations, web pages, educational presentations and more.

As an introductory offer you can save $5 off the normal purchase price when you buy this set before June 9th.

Available now from Wing’s Art and Design Studio.

External Link: Design like an Egyptian, Photoshop & Illustrator Tools

Christopher King

A freelance illustrator & graphic designer based near Bristol, UK. I create hand-drawn, digital & vector artwork for posters, flyers, books & commercial clients.