Alchemy of Cake, a Detailed Illustrated Diagram of 16 Famous Cake Recipes


LOVE CAKES? Alchemy of Cake Illustrates What Cakes are Made Out of From Scratch Ingredients. On Alchemy of Cake, there are 16 world well-known cake recipes. By using a tree-diagram, the illustration outlines clearly what ingredients and pans are used to make each type of cake.

There are over thousands of cake recipes in the world and each has its own distinctive taste, texture, and cultural adaptation. But what’s more interesting about cakes is the use of ingredients, tools, and process of making a cake. Sometimes, they are not as easy as it sounds, but this cake poster will break it down for you.

SIZE: 16.0 x 20.0 inch (40.64 x 50.80 cm, 406.4 x 508.0 mm)

LIMITED EDITION: Limited 500 prints for each Design. It is signed and numbered.

PRINT FINISH: Printed with water-based ink onto 100% recycled 100 lb. cardboard un-coated paper.

There are three background colors to choose from: Black, Blue, and Pink.

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