Nexo est Charlie: Call For


I am a visual artist and musician and the founder of the NGO Nexo who helps freelance artists to understand their rights in France. I am organising an exhibition about liberty of expression and what happened in France at Charlie Hebdo. I would like to have people from a lot of countries to participate at the exhibition.

The Nexo NGO has godfathers to support our actions like: Dupuy et Berberian, Florence Cestac, Jean-Claude Denis, René Pétillon, Annie Goetzinger, Catel, Tom Tirabosco, Lorenzo Mattoti and Jean-Claude Carrière.

The exhibit will be inaugurated at Granada’s comic festival on March 13th. Then it will be going around Europe at least. If you would like to participate please visit the external link for more information.

Niki de la Isla
Art Director

External Link: Nexo est Charlie at Salon international del comics de Granada (Spain)