The LCS Presents Secret Self Volume One


This is The Little Chimp Society’s maiden voyage into producing art zines and will hopefully be the first of many. Secret Self Vol. 1 is a collection of ten secrets and ten self-portraits by an international bunch of very talented illustrators. The art zine was design and curated by Darren Di Lieto (founder of The LCS) and you can buy it from The LCS right now.

Buy Secret Self Volume One!

All funds raised from the sales of the zine will go towards supporting the LCS and it’s future art projects. You can find out more about this project on the Secret Self Project Page.

A big thank you goes out to all Vol. 1 contributors… Mark Hammermeister, Clayton Hanmer, Steven Hughes, Violet Lemay, Simon Myers, Daniel Nyari, James O’Brien, Amanda Sartor, Paul Shipper and Junichi Tsuneoka. Thanks guys!

Darren Di Lieto

Darren Di Lieto is the founder and editor of LCSV4 the illustration news portal. The illustration new portal is a place on the net for the promotion of illustration and the self promotion of illustrators.