Travis Simpkins Creates Portrait of Don Hrycyk, LAPD Art Theft Detective


Recently, artist Travis Simpkins completed a portrait illustration of Detective Donald Hrycyk, lead investigator of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Art Theft Detail. The LAPD Art Theft Detail is the only Municipal unit in the United States devoted to recovering stolen art and antiques. Detective Hrycyk made headlines recently, on December 17, when it was announced that he had cracked a six-year-old case, one of the largest art heists in L.A. history, involving 9 stolen paintings worth upwards of $10 million. The recovered art included paintings by Marc Chagall and Diego Rivera. Don Hrycyk was featured in Joshua Knelman’s 2011 book, “Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives Through the Secret World of Stolen Art.”

External Link: Travis Simpkins Creates Portrait of Don Hrycyk, LAPD Art Theft Detective

Travis Simpkins

Travis Simpkins is a freelance artist, specializing in portrait illustration. His works are in numerous collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. His clients include companies/personalities in the Film, Television, Radio, Music and Publishing industries, law enforcement agencies, museums, universities and municipal institutions. Travis is also a dedicated Art Museum employee and consultant. His efforts and connections have culminated in the addition of 300+ works of Art to the permanent collection of the Worcester Art Museum, including 94 woodblock prints by Toshi Yoshida. Travis' artistic skills have benefited the promotion of WAM programs involving the Audience Engagement, Education, Curatorial, Conservation and Marketing Departments. For the past several years, he has provided security training for newly hired art museum guards. In addition, Travis spent two years working in architectural conservation, aiding in the restoration of an 18th Century historic home in central Massachusetts. His art contributions and museum work have been featured in various publications, newspapers, web features and periodicals. As a professional artist, Travis Simpkins is a highly skilled observer. His unique eye for aesthetic detail, combined with a background in museum collections, preservation, research and security work lends itself perfectly to study, promotion and outreach related to Art Crime, Art History and Archaeology. In addition to Art Crime Illustrated, Travis Simpkins is also a regular contributor to , along with Art Crime and Security experts Anthony Amore (Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum) and Vicki Oliveri.