Something Different, A Short Film by Hendrick’s Gin

This is the first animated promotional spot for Hendrick’s Gin, a brand created by QCM CEO Steven Grasse, in 1998. Collaborating on the project with QCM are esteemed producers, WeWereMonkeys.

Quaker City Mercantile CEO Steven Grasse says about the collaboration, “With Hendricks, I have created a very rich, layered and nuanced brand world, which I have carefully evolved over the past 16 years. So, as you can imagine, I was very picky when it came time to choosing an animation house to bring this very special world to life. We looked at animation houses all over the world, but chose We Were Monkeys based on the video they did for Little Talks. We found them to be great collaborators. They seemed to really “get it” and they worked extremely well with my team…whom have been working on Hendricks since we created it 16 years ago.”

This video marks Hendrick’s biggest promotion to date: over 700,000 consumers will see it during the month of December across a number of social channels, namely the Hendrick’s Gin YouTube and Facebook pages.

WeWereMonkeys was also excited by the project, saying, “”We have been loyal fans of Hendrick’s Gin for years (yes, we do imbibe every now and again) so were beyond thrilled when we were asked to collaborate with Quaker City Mercantile to create something unusual for the Hendrick’s Gin world. It was truly an exceptional experience to work with Steven Grasse and QCM’s phenomenal team. They are brave world-creators that encourage creative risks and jump through burning hoops to make magic come to life. This was such a fun project. It was a match made in odd-ball heaven!“

This promotion adds yet another dimension to the detailed brand world of Hendrick’s, which distinguished itself in the world of gin 16 years ago with its strange and whimsical brand — a curly moustache above the traditional British spirit’s “stiff upper lip”.

Creative Credits:
Client: Hendrick’s Gin
Creative Agency: Quaker City Mercantile
Creative Director: Steven Grasse
Scripting: Jerry Stifelman
Account Director: Steph Scott
Production Studio: WeWereMonkeys
Directors: Mihai Wilson & Marcella Moser