Fortean Times Covers – Pulped!


I’m an illustrator and Fortean Times cover artist for 15+ years. I recently decided to completely redesign and repaint some of my favourite cover illustrations in the style of Pulps and make them available as prints.

I’ve had many requests over the years to make the originals of my Fortean Times covers available as posters. The problem is that they were all specifically designed to work with the typography of the respective covers and I didn’t have the rights to reproduce them as they were meant to be seen.

When you see the originals they look naked and compositionally off balance without the framework of text blocks covering their modesty. Most of them would never have worked as compositions or posters in their own right. The pulp covers project was my attempt to remedy this. Completely redoing the compositions from scratch with my own typography designed to complement the painting and hold everything together while keeping to a very specific pulp style for each cover.

I’ve completed three so far (they take ages as they have to be fitted in between paying jobs) and there are plans for another 10 at least. I’ve half a mind to turn them into a calendar when I eventually get 12 finished.

External Link: Fortean Times Covers – Pulped!