The Spirits of Christmas


Back in the less-than-Christmassy month of August I was commissioned by Master of Malt to illustrate the package designs for a series of alcohol based advent calendars. Rather than a chocolate behind each door, you are greeted by a 30ml bottle of your favourite licquor. Needless to say, these calendars are strictly for the adult connoisseur!

The calendars ranged across six themes: vodka, tequila, rum, cognac whisky and premium whisky, with a suitable design for each box featuring a character relaxing in six different seasonal settings. They are currently available to view on the Master of Malt site.

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Duncan Beedie

I am a freelance illustrator and animator based in Bristol, UK. I have been doodling and drawing since way back in the early 1980s, lying on my parents’ living room floor, grasping a felt tip in my clammy little fist, through to my current profession, grasping a Wacom stylus in my clammy little fist. So, not much has changed, although I no longer lie on the floor to draw. I have a desk at Paintworks in Bristol that overlooks the city. It’s much more accommodating than nylon shag pile. I have worked in animation on a diverse series of projects for TV and web, including satirical sketches for BBC Three, segments for children’s TV shows and websites and TV commercials to name a few. Clients include CBBC, Penguin, Aardman Animations, Brothers McLeod and Sun & Moon Studios. I am represented by Illustration Ltd and have so far been commissioned to illustrate for Square Mile magazine, Computer Arts, RCSLT Bulletin, Scholastic (US), OUP and a compendium of bawdy poetry by W J Burkland.