ThinkVisual & WeForest e-Calendar: Call for Submissions


Cork-based company Think Visual (the company I work for šŸ™‚ ) are helping produce a lovely desktop wallpaper e-calendar for WeForest, a charity who do amazing work enabling women to plant trees at the equator. Inspire people around the world with your beautiful tree-inspired art! Full details on the link.

External Link: ThinkVisual & WeForest e-Calendar: Call for Submissions

Eleanor Reilly

Hello! Iā€™m Eleanor, an illustrator, artist and graphic designer based in Cork, Ireland, where I am a member of the Islander Illustrator Collective. I believe that like attracts like, so I have chosen to only make positive art. I work primarily in mixed media collage and digital design, and am mostly influenced by the little things that make this life a pleasure, like friends, travel and flamingos.