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Screenshot of the job submission form.

Screenshot of the job submission form.

Over on hire an illustrator (the other site we run) me and Jane take it in turns to handle the job requests that come in asking us to find illustrators for the requester’s project. Sometimes it’s tedious, sometimes it’s fun and exciting. Normally we’ll recommend a dozen or half a dozen illustrators depending on the job. It’s not always easy finding the right illustrators for the client’s request, but we do the best we can.

Many moons ago I used to CC (Carbon Copy) the recommended illustrators in on the reply to the client so they could see the process and know what we were up to. But I had to put a stop to that because as soon as I sent a reply out I’d end up with a dozen emails from the illustrators asking for more information and the illustrators would also follow up with the client rather than waiting for the client to get in contact with them. It’s all fine and good for an illustrator to keep on top of things, but it wasn’t a follow up with the client a week later to find out if they’d found someone for their job. Instead, it was an email 10 minutes later telling the clients they could see more of their work at some web address. When 4 out of 6 illustrators do this to the client when they’ve already been sent links to portfolios which hopefully contain the illustrator’s best work it’s a bit overkill. Hence why I don’t CC the illustrators anymore.

My problem is that we’re running a promotional service for illustrators, but they can’t see all the hard work we put into pushing their styles and skills to potential clients. I guess there’s not much we can do to change that even though we’re doing 10-15 job requests a day, I just wish we could get the illustrators more involved without the site devolving into a job board. The way we work at the moment is if a client’s budget isn’t high enough for the type of work they want we’ll tell them before any illustrators are even mentioned. We also advise clients in the politest way possible how to proceed when there’s no budget for a job. Most clients are brilliant and over the 7 years we’ve been doing this we’ve build some really strong relationships with clients who come back again and again to hire our illustrators.

We love what we do, it’d just be nice for our customers (the illustrators) to see what goes on behind the scenes. We know the service we offer has value, maybe one day we’ll figure out a way to visibly show it’s value. Until then, it’s business as normal and back to the job requests.

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Darren Di Lieto

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