Politics and New Media


As the Scottish independence referendum gets ever closer we see both Yes and No campaigns vie desperately for extra votes that may make all the difference. In a spectacular advertising faux pas, Better Together’s most recent broadcast ‘The Woman Who Made Up Her Mind’ became an internet sensation, inspiring many YouTube parodies, remixes and memes to be made of it. As such, it has been the inspiration for this gif.

The clip really doesn’t mean anything. And in a warped sense that means it has pertinence to a lot of the sensationalised, factually-ineffective political advertising we’ve seen.

The fashionable, low-brow-tv-show aesthetic reminds us that politics is not anchored in the hands of the serious and official but belongs to the public also. It’s really a testament to the power and enjoyment social media is having with it, reshaping, redistributing, ‘liking’ and commenting on political motifs with ever surprising creativity, playfulness and humour.

Maria Fowler