Organic Gardening Illustrated Cover


I was recently asked to illustrate the Summer cover for the American magazine Organic Gardening. The theme for the cover was “Bees”…promoting the planting of flowers to attract and sustain bees that are dying off. I love to work in black silhouette when opportunity arises. For this commission I researched the Swiss/German art of “Scherenschnitte” and in particular the Czech artist, Erich Proksch (1910-2003).

External Link: Organic Gardening Illustrated Cover

Peter Donnelly

Peter is an award wining illustrator and art director. His work displays a love for folk art and vintage print and design. He works in a variety of media including screenprinting, drawing and digital. His background is in animation where he originally trained under 1950s UPA studio artist, Harry Hess. His work is recognised by Taschen, American Illustration, Creative Quarterly and 3X3.

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