New Work from Tom Parsons Art: The Hunt


On occasion, the Elves of Misthring of would cautiously tread through the moorlands in search of the Lasach Ddraig. It was understood that the Ddraig would bestow immortality upon anyone who could pierce its two hearts with one strike.

External Link: New Work from Tom Parsons Art: The Hunt

Tom Parsons

Hello! my name is Tom Parsons and I’m a designer and illustrator from North Carolina. I’ve been working for over ten years and my designs have embellished books, magazines, cycling jerseys, packaging, posters and more. Transworld Skateboarding Magazine circa 1986 was my initial inspiration for becoming a designer. All the day-glo, screenprinted skateboard graphics plastered inside those pages were like eye candy to this skinny kid. Sadly, my efforts to emulate my skateboarding heroes came to naught, but I did learn how to draw along the way. And I’m still learning…

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