New Work from Rob Bridges – The Vagabond Milliner


Samuel Puddle was an exceptional milliner (in his own mind at least) and derided the tommyrot of an existence tied to a desk or a shop. He would travel through the territories of Peevish Swale and The Hiccuboro and Iron Pot Valleys plying his trade of worn “hattage”, some would say these were actually “re-purposed” from rummage yards and employed his somewhat questionable trade in headwear repair as well. As his operation was a traveling venue, wagons were a luxury not afforded and he would often store his ware atop his head. It would have worked fine if nature hadn’t graced his walk with a bobbing motion. Which caused hats toppling every few steps and much frustration on his part…

External Link: New Work from Rob Bridges – The Vagabond Milliner

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