Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden


Here is a new personal work. It’s always great fun to create a piece of work, simply for your own enjoyment. Grabbing some time to experiment with new techniques also keeps your portfolio fresh. Air Australia is a promo piece that I’m going to be using shortly for my postcards and mailers, now that I have joined Hire an illustrator (yay). I’ve also recently updated my website by adding a new Shop where you can buy prints and original artwork. I’ve added my new ink on paper work called Flower Garden to the shop. It was completed over a week and was inspired by my garden. This illustration also gave me the opportunity to try out my new carbon pen. (happy dance) please stop by and take a look.

External Link: Air Australia my New Shop and a Flower Garden

Melanie Renaux

Melanie Renaux she creates bright, detailed, colourful illustrations for editorial, web, packaging, fashion, cover art and only stops drawing to find food :-)

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