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‘Bearly There’ is the first ever solo show by British graphic artist ‘Sneaky Raccoon’ (aka Anna Mullin). As the shows name suggests, the exhibition celebrates all things bear with freedom and fun in mind.

“Bears are interesting, creative, inquisitive creatures. They are probably the first animal that most of us are introduced to as a child in the form of a teddy bear, before we even have an understanding of what any animal is. With their habitats receding, poaching and hunting causes numbers to drop and some subject to the brutality rife in the animal trade — it just breaks my heart. I love animals and they have been a source of endless fascination to me all of my life and that’s why I choose to feature them heavily in my work. We can’t save every animal from such terrible fates, but we can at least attempt to help by campaigning to keep their habitats protected and support those people on the ground who are literally saving and giving them a second chance at the life they deserve.”

Artwork on display at the lovely Studio73 Gallery in Brixton Village will offer unique signed one-off prints, original drawings, paintings, totes bags and perhaps a custom toy or two. There will be a raffle to win a custom painted toy by Sneaky too on the night! So, remember what it is to go down to the woods, share a teddy bears picnic or just see the secret life of bears — this exhibition focuses on the frolics and fantasy of their dreams so there really is something for everyone.

Sadly, not all bears or animals get the opportunity to live out happy lives however some are lucky to be rescued. As an active supporter of the bear and animal charity WSPA (The World Society for the Protection of Animals) Sneaky aims to raise some money from the exhibition from both a percentage of sales over the duration of the show, as well as visitor donations on opening night will be going to the charity.

External Link: Bearly There at Studio 73

Sneaky Raccoon

Sneaky Raccoon is the work of London based freelance graphic designer and illustrator Anna Mullin. Sneaky Raccoon provides art direction, branding, design for print and web, illustration, typography and creative for projects. Clients include Accessorize, Airside, BBC, Computer Arts, Kidrobot, Monsoon, Nike, Print Magazine and Sawdust. Available for freelance work and commissions.

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