Animal Behaviour by Rob Snow

Count to Ten

The latest works by Rob Snow, in his Animal Behaviour series have been getting a lot of attention lately. The artwork has been successfully used by a few companies, including New Scientist and Untapped Source, and is building a strong interest and following on every new rendering.

They are primarily mixed media, due to the nature by which they are created. Firstly designed and drawn out using pencil, and then scanned and rendered out in Photoshop on the Mac Rob works on.

Rob is planning a new exhibition of 20 pieces, after his initial exhibition in 2013 was a great success. Each series contains 10 whimsical images of animals in humanistic poses, and feature in a self-publish book for each series.

External Link: Animal Behaviour by Rob Snow

Rob Snow

INGREDIENTS 1 creative person, slightly matured 2 tablespoons aptitude 1 piece of aesthetic flavouring 6lbs hard work and sweat 4 ideas more than most salt of the earth to taste Take a creative person and stir in the aptitude thoroughly, from the start. In time, mix in the aesthetic flavouring with the most appropriate tool at hand, and then fold into the mix as much of the hard work and sweat that the mix can take. Sprinkle in the ideas. The more the better, and finally as all is cooking, a pinch of salt of the earth to give it the necessary character. Leave to cook over time and serve when required. Tasty treat in a tasteless world.

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