Stolen Monster Candy Bar

candy_bar_display is happy to unveil our next Monstrous product: Stolen Monster Candy, a chocolate bar with more personality than Gary Busey. These chalk-ful chocolates contain things like pretzels and coffee beans, the real reasons why monsters need those scary, crushing teeth.

We discovered these delights being trafficked in an underground monster party, and, shamefully, we swiped these fantastic creations for human consumption. Monsters’ best-kept secret FOUND OUT! Suffice it to say, they’re upset, but if you can collect the candy, the hidden facts on the packaging and future recipes, maybe we can learn more about each other and live in harmony.

3 USD – U.S. Dollar BUY ME

Jess Paul

I'm best known for my Living Walls and My Monstrous Family series. Graduated of West Virginia Wesleyan College, I live and work in my hometown outside Pittsburgh, PA as an illustrator and commercial artist.

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