Picture Book “Stone Giant ” released


“Stone Giant – Michelangelo’s David and How He Came to Be”, written by Jane Sutcliffe, has been my biggest illustration project of the last year. The book tells how the statue was originally commissioned by the city of Florence but then abandoned, the great block of stone laying forgotten for 40 years in a yard until the young Michelangelo appeared to carve one of his greatest masterpieces. The originally commissioned English language edition from Charlesbridge has just been released in the US (ISBN: 978-1-58089-295-7).

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John Shelley

I debuted as an illustrator in London, then worked for 21 years in Tokyo before returning once more to the UK in 2008. My commercial work in Japan has been used in animated TV ads, poster and press campaigns, character merchandising and editorial illustration. For several years I was vice-chairman of the International Committee of JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designer Association). I still maintain close connections to Japan. Of the 50 or so children's books I've illustrated five were written by myself. Publisher clients have been chiefly the UK, Japan and the USA, but I've also worked with clients in Europe and Australia.

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