Mother Jones Gets ‘Out of Jail F(r)ee’ With ilovedust Neon


Mother Jones enlisted ilovedust for some neon-sign magic to accompany its May/June 2014 article “Get Out of Jail Fee,” which looks at the shadowy – and very well-connected – bail bonds industry.

Bruce Jamieson, ild senior designer, noted: “With that piece, in particular, we wanted it to be realistic, so the viewer sees everything in place – all of the supports on the glass neon piping, the silicone end covers, and the wire cable ties.” The initial type was sketched out in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, weighing different font options and studying how they might translate to the neon realm, before moving on to the modeling phase.

“When that was set, we could light it and fill the shapes with color hits in Cinema 4D,” Jamieson explained. “The light reacts and it starts to resemble a photograph of a neon sign. The final stage takes a lot of time to get together, thinking about how it’ll read or where it will glow.” The entire artwork took ten days to complete.

External Link: Mother Jones Gets ‘Out of Jail F(r)ee’ With ilovedust Neon

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