Make Art Work, the Drawn + Drafted Guide for Artists


I am very excited to announce Make Art Work, a guide for artists from me and Lauren Panepinto. Lauren and I are both Artists, and Art Directors, and we hear the same questions from artists, and clients, over and over again. We decided to put together a guide that not only answers these questions but links to resources that go as deep down the rabbit hole as you would like to go. Want to be a copyright expert? We’ll help you get there. Want to know the best workshops to up your game? We will set you on the path.

The book itself is a collaboration between us and our larger community, and we will be Kickstarting the book later this summer. Get notified by signing up at our main web site

External Link: Make Art Work, the Drawn + Drafted Guide for Artists


Marc Scheff is a fantasy and sci-fi illustrator living in Brooklyn.

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