Alan Defibaugh draws 100 pop culture portraits.


Everyone loves a challenge! Illustrator Alan Defibaugh is drawing a pop culture portrait a day for 100 days. Follow along as he pushes himself farther than he’s ever gone before.

External Link: Alan Defibaugh draws 100 pop culture portraits.

Alan Defibaugh

Alan Defibaugh is an illustrator and fine artiste, he resides in Austin, TX and likes it that way. He is fond of David Bowie, mexican hot chocolate and the color pink.

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  1. Bijutoha says:

    “a day for 100 days” Very interesting…Actually I love these characters. I never missed when I am in front of TV.

  2. finlaypup says:

    Yay! Adventure Time 🙂 Very nice, Alan!

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