Jim Jarmusch Portrait Illustration for Nylon Guys


I got the amazing opportunity to create a portrait illustration of one of my favorite filmmakers Jim Jarmusch for Nylon Guys April 2014 issue. Jarmusch who made movies such as Down by Law, Night on Earth, Dead Man and Ghost Dog is characterized as a minimalist filmmaker. His movies are often unhurried with long still shots and focus more on character development and mood instead of clear plot progression. My approach to illustration is very similar, which made this project even more a perfect match!

External Link: Jim Jarmusch Portrait Illustration for Nylon Guys

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  1. Joshua Rothkopf says:

    Beautiful stuff — I was truly honored to have your illustration accompany my interview with JJ.

  2. Thank you very much, Joshua. I’m glad that you like the piece – can’t wait to read the interview. Cheers!

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