“Yellow Fever” (Fiebre Amarilla), by Samuel M


new 176-page volume artbook, published under creative commons license, with totally FREE download and full-online-view (via ISSUU), by the illustrator Samuel Martínez.

This is a work produced in a very fast and simple way. I pretended that “Yellow Fever” would represent some imaginery, (The european Post-Economic-bubble scenario, specially from my country, Spain) in a some disordered form, from an uncertain period (later 2013-2014), using only the three colors (yellow, red & black) as a main concept.

it´s not an artwork specifically about politics, or social critizing… But these concepts are well all over the place, contributing to the main atmosphere. It can be understood as a kind of “Automatic Writing ” in graphical format. “You think it, you draw it. Period.”

It´s a nervous book, using some comic-book recursivity, allowing every page to be free and different from each other. Now much elaborated. Its scratchier, fast. Uses a dirty mixture of spanish and english words, being comprehensible from each idiom.

. I decided to spread it in digital format, primarily by the difficulties and costs involved in printing, distribution and promotion … As a work of such an urgent nature, I feel should urgently be published. So…

External Link: “Yellow Fever” (Fiebre Amarilla), by Samuel M

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