The Imaginative Illustrations of Jonathan Vair Duncan


Jonathan Vair Duncan is a Cincinnati artist who graduated in 2011 after majoring in illustration at the Indiana Wesleyan University. He currently works as a digital illustrator with the majority of his work being private commissions. As a digital artist who stresses the importance of basing his work on traditional fundamentals, the result of his studies is a fantastic amalgamation of both forms of media into a finished work that truly carries his own style.

From humans to anthropomorphic characters, what stands out about Jonathan’s work is how it expresses an unrestrained freedom and beauty of form. He takes familiar figures and pulls them outside of the boundaries set by reality, releasing them from harsh restraining lines and allowing them to flare to life in an explosion of pure awesome.

I have seen much anthropomorphic artwork, most of which cages animals into the shapes of humans and removes the basis of fascination from the genre. Jonathan Vair Duncan has refused this convention. Instead he has fused the two life forms together, creating something else entirely.

Something feral, tribal, and raucously wonderful

External Link: The Imaginative Illustrations of Jonathan Vair Duncan

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