Instructions for European rail company NS-Hispeed


Leon Mussche has illustrated a series of instructional infographics for NS-Hispeed in collaboration with Dutch design company Teldesign. The instructions were made to guide European travellers travelling to the Netherlands without a public transport chip card to the exit of the railway station in a fast and efficient way, using a secially developed barcode that can be scanned at the gates.

External Link: Instructions for European rail company NS-Hispeed


Leon Mussche (29) has been working as an independent illustrator since 2003. He graduated at the Academy of Arts in Breda, the Netherlands in 2001, after which he gained more experience working for a communications agency. He now works for a variety of clients the world over, and is based in Amsterdam and Oslo. His main field of work is in editorial illustration, and his work can be found in newspapers as well as corporate- and public magazines. Besides editorial work he has also provided services to advertising agencies, pharmaceutical- airline- and other companies in different countries.

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