Step into Turkish illustrator Ahmet Özcan’s “Habitat of Monsters” at Le Snoot!

Ahmet Özcan was born in Turkey in 1985. He is currently studying in Graphic Design at Fine Arts Faculty of Mersin University/Turkey. The artist’s compositions and characters aim to reveal the habitats and daily existence of unreal beings which may also be defined as “monsters”. They direct the attention of the audience bored with the “real world” to a new planet which is too horrifying to be an alternative (or non-alternative). These new spaces do not host political conflicts, wars of power, political plans, economic ambition, cities as giant dumping sites, “imperative” to violate natural life, infinite consumption and forbidden truths.
The artist also does not aspire to create ideal spaces. Death, pain, disease and hunger are already embedded in the nature of these spaces. However, humans are not part of these spaces. They only see the spaces belong to creatures that develop on their own and are evolved by the artist in every new work. Thus, the audience witnesses these surreal moments and meet the monsters that do not metaphorically match with “evil”.

External Link: Ahmet Özcan – HABITAT OF MONSTERS at Le Snoot

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