Our Public Library – James Braithwaite

My names Melissa, I work for London based creative consultancy Machas. We represent a range of multidisciplinary international artists, including the incredible illustration talent that is James Braithwaite.

You might be familiar with James’ short “I Met The Walrus” where, together with animator Josh Raskin, he brought to our screens the original taping of John Lennon 1969 interview captured by the then 14-years-old Jerry Levin. The short went on to receive an Emmy awards and Oscar nomination.

James has now teamed up again with Josh to produce “Our Public Library,” an animation that aims at bringing the attention of the viewers on the vast cuts public libraries are suffering in a smart, far-from-boring 4 minutes stop motion video.

As the reader flips through the pages of the book where this story of evil vs good takes place we can’t help but feel sympathetic with the plight of this activist group who is fighting to preserve free access to knowledge for all.

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