Downloadable Illustrations For Your Geek Life


Big Fat Geek Wedding brings you downloadable imagery to make your event special and designed for you. We cater to weddings, birthdays, and all events. Our mission is to create imagery for your event that reflects you.

Big Fat Geek Wedding was made from a genuine need from friends not finding what they really wanted for their big day. Things were either too generic, overused, not their style, or overpriced. (Or all those together.) Our goal is to help people find, and/or make them the artwork they need to make their events personalized and perfect for who they are.

Yes, the site does have the name weddings in it, but we are available for all types of events, and uses for the artwork. Anything from anniversaries, birthdays, civil unions, announcements, and whatever you can think of really. So please take a look at all of the pre-made images, and see if anything would work for you. If not you could always commission us to make you a one of a kind illustration.

External Link: Downloadable Illustrations For Your Geek Life

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