New Work | Lola Dupre


New Work: A solo exhibition of new work by collage artist and illustrator Lola Dupre
Curated by Sven Davis

Lola Dupré’s collages present altered, yet immediately recognizable images. Her unique portraits are constructed from iconic images sourced from within popular culture, manipulated and reimagined in an angular array of fractured shards.

Dupré’s process driven studio practice starts with a repeatedly reproduced source image, and then Dupré sets to work, scissor cutting fragments of the image away, literally dissecting and reassembling the sourced image in a repetitive pattern, each time emanating further and further out from a focal point. The resultant effect is akin to that of looking into a shattered or distorted mirror as she re-appropriates the original image into her own distinctive aesthetic.

New Work features a varied range of work she has become renowned for; exploded portraits of Hollywood icons, her equine-human series, abstracted abstractions and a new series of reassembled landscapes. Dupré also presents a number of reworked collaborations with Glasgow graphic artist FiST, Rhode Island based illustrator Dillon Froelich and Gallery 1 artist Ryan De La Hoz.

External Link: New Work | Lola Dupre at Breeze Block Gallery

Lola Dupre

Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator working in the Alpujarra de la Sierra, Andalucía, Spain. The collages are handmade with paper, scissors and glue on wood panels.Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain since 2000. And is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects. Recent clients and collaborators include, Nike + Doubleday & Cartwright, New York Magazine, Die Welt, KellyBehun|STUDIO and Flair Italia Magazine.

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