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Kerry Meyer just finished some patterns for Halloween.

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Hi All,
My name is Kerry Meyer and I'm an illustrator interested in starting a career in freelance illustration.
I was an illustrator/designer/typographer with Hallmark for 19 years, where I specialized in kid's cards and humor work. I explored many different departments at the company, but always found my way back to the kid's work. Perhaps that's because my passion has always to get into children's illustration.

Prior to my career at Hallmark I worked at The Kansas City Star, as an editorial illustrator and graphic designer , for 4 years. I also have a portfolio of editorial work. I've continued to do illustrations for a number of newspapers over the years, so I'm very familiar with the correlation between words and pictures. I have many different styles, techniques and moods, and am always exploring new ones. I'm hopeful that you'll find a style that appeals to you. I'm very excited about getting back into the freelance world.

Kerry Meyer

I've worked with Pacific Gas and Electric (corporate report), Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and others.

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  1. SlamDunkRicky says:

    Great pattern! Kerry is clearly one of the most dynamically creative, up-and-comers in the entire cyber web galaxy.

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