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A fellow Illustrators Ireland member has to return to Australia urgently due to a serious family illness, and to help him raise the funds a bunch of members have donated a few Giclée prints. They are only on sale for a short time until the price of the flight is raised, so get in quick as these prints are unbeatable value! Works include award winning illustrators such as Niamh Sharkey, Chris Judge, Peter Donnelly and many, many more

30 EUR – Euro BUY ME

Alé Mercado

When I set off in search of my style, I ended up working in two main directions: The first one has to do with the creative aspect of illustration. After trying to emulate different people based on the appeal they had to me or their success, I finally found a visual language that I can honestly say is my own way of seeing things. The second direction has to do with the actual process of producing the image. Traditional relief printing gave me the key to make sense of what I was doing digitally. To the point that they've become almost interchangeable. It was in an interview to Zina Saunders that I heard for the first time "Digicut" referred to her digital woodcut work. I immediately adopted the term to describe mine. I am a member of Illustrators Ireland and The Association of Illustrators

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  1. Apologies to anyone trying to get prints. The flash sale was finished yesterday evening as soon as the objective of raising the money for the flight of our colleague was met.
    The response everywhere has been amazing. Thanks to all the illustrators who contributed work and to everyone who shares the news and made this an amazing success.

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