Carlos Araujo is one of the “Los Diez”


Carlos Araujo’s illustration “Space Hotel” is one of The Ten… “LOS DIEZ” are here!

From the 29 winners selected in the Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración Dos competition, 10 illustrators were picked to be included in this special, traveling exhibit produced by EPSON.

This special selection were unveiled November 6th at the Big Talk event in NYC. “Los Diez” exhibit will travel to different locations as part of the EPSON tour. The collection will return to New York next year and be part of the PHOTOVILLE festival in Brooklyn, September 2014.

External Link: Carlos Araujo is one of the “Los Diez”

Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo is an illustrator. He lives with his wife and his daughter in an apartment so large that sometimes they get lost in it.

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