Nature in Tipi


Brendon Marczan boldly challenges today’s abstract art scene with his novel and distinctive style of beautifully intricate works on paper. Drawing from nature, he defies us to revaluate the living world through his innovative use of pattern and colour. This is Brendon’s first solo exhibition in London. He has previously exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and most recently at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, where he was represented by the Ingo Fincke Gallery.

Brendon finds inspiration in the modern fixation with pattern, order and analytics. The current obsession with trends and repetition of information has inspired Brendon to pull patterns from natural forms and recreate symbolic images using abstract shapes that often recast their subject matter. His influences include Islamic and Indian ornamentation, as well as the work of William Morris. The inspiration for the Tipi pattern, which underlies his current collection, came from his desire to create a versatile symbol to represent home and freedom. Researching Native American textiles, Brendon was inspired to use the triangular Tipi design, an iconic symbol of family, longing and migration. The Tipi allows us to feel secure while wandering through the vastness of the natural world.

External Link: Nature in Tipi at Vyner Street Gallery

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