Delphie Cote-Lacroix

Delphie is a freelance multi-medium visual artist with a passion for illustration. She currently lives and works out of Montreal. She originally discovered her interest interest in illustration while studying graphic design in Sherbrooke. After graduating from her program in 2011, Delphie took to the road and continued to develop her art while exploring different corners of the world. In the last two years, she has lived in Germany, Cyprus, and Western Canada, all the while practicing and continuing her work as a professional artist. More recently, she has returned to her home province of Quebec and has set down in Montreal where she divides her time between furthering her artistic studies at Concordia University and supporting herself through contract work. In her work, Delphie draws strongly on the elements of illustration. Her use of line and form is both efficient and playful, and her works take on a powerfully evocative dimension through this. Her style is fundamentally simple, elegant, and spontaneous which means that it is impossible to look at her art and not feel the presence of a story within the images. Her characters are lively, and their world is captured on the page.

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