Limited Edition by OTB & Mat Pringle


The team at Off the Barrow (OTB) have partnered with London-based illustrator Mat Pringle for a new regular feature, called Limited Edition.

The concept is simple. Each month, Mat is provided with a new illustration brief from one of three sources; ourselves here at OTB, an independent business chosen to sponsor the feature for that month, or from suggestions from the general public!

Mat can respond to this brief however he likes; with the final piece being made available on the OTB shop as a high quality giclée print. Each piece will be on sale for one month only, after which it will be confined to the Limited Edition archive, never to be reproduced again, in any format. Truly limited edition artwork.

The size of the print-run is determined by the number of people who snap one up each month and once a piece is archived, it’s replacement will go live and the cycle will continue!

Here’s the best bit, all profits from this feature go directly to Mat for his hard work in producing a great illustration each month, and he has kindly decided to donate 20% of this sum to registered charity the MS Society.

External Link: Limited Edition

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