The Guardian’s Tale by Ryan Zujic

On a mysterious alien planet, a powerful treasure is dutifully protected by a ferocious creature. ‘The Guardian’s Tale’ begins upon the arrival of the most unexpected of guests – who soon casts doubt on all that the beast holds dear.

The Guardian’s Tale is a short animated film developed by the small team now affectionately known as Studio Steve. The film was produced as a graduate project at the Queensland College of Art, Australia by co-creators Jordan Higgins, Christoffer Klungerbo and Ryan Zujic. Closely collaborating with sound designer Martin Alternes and composer Stian Obehi Ihasee in Norway, the team toiled away for 14 months to bring their creative vision to life. Surrounded by a unique blend of Celtic and Sci-Fi influences, narrator Adam Behr brings us along for this new interpretation of a classic folktale.

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