Teeth and Claws – Dinosaur Greeting Cards!


I have just launched a new set of dinosaur greeting cards featuring six of my quirky little dinosaur illustrations. Triceratops (pictured) T- Rex, Iguanadon, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Diplodocus! available individually and as a set from my shiny new online shop ‘Teeth and Claws’ by Nicola L Robinson. Do take a look! RAWR…

External Link: Teeth and Claws – Dinosaur Greeting Cards!

Nicola L Robinson

Professional illustrator and creator of monsters. UK based illustrator working mostly in the children's illustration universe. Clients include HarperCollins, Vintage Books & Hodder & Stoughton. Also author and illustrator of monster picture book 'The Monster Machine' published by Pavilion Children's books. www.monstermachine.co.uk

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